About Us

About Us


Montana Fresh Shrimp is located in the beautiful Flathead Valley, Montana. Surrounded by wilderness we are dedicated to running a sustainable and green business to preserve the beauty of our environment. Our shrimp are free of antibiotics, petrochemicals and environmental contamination due to our controlled indoor shrimp aquaculture system. Our aquaponic scientific team has over twenty years experience in aquaculture to maintain optimum shrimp health and safety.

We use an organic shrimp feed that is optimized to be┬ánutrient rich and full of omega 3’s. This creates healthy shrimp. After each harvest the shrimp tanks are drained preserving the water and the sludge from the bottom creates a healthy fertilizer. ┬áThe water is then reused because it contains healthy bacteria that is beneficial for the shrimp.

We are in the building stages of our sustainable shrimp farm project. Please sign up for our newsletter or follow us on social media for up to the minute news on our progress.

Meet our Core Team

Dave Berwick
Dave Berwick is involved with operations, to include infrastructure building and other facility repairs. He is an electrician licensed in the state of Montana. Dave also possesses technical know-how to include, computer repair, networks, printers, apps, email systems and associated technologies.
Mike Bryant
Mike will be our in house shrimp wrangler. He will be available should any problems occur with equipment.
Dave Dutro
Director of Operations
Dave is the Director of Operations and founder of MFSC(along with Open Door and its subsidiary, Open Door Flathead). Dave's career experiences span several areas, including, operations, customer service, sales, finance, and he has served as an investment consultant in both retail and corporate sectors. Dave have the entrepreneurial spirit and background necessary to conceive, create, and bring MFSC to life. This is his vision and his creation. As other have said about Dave and his abilities, "he becomes the oil in a project that makes it run.
Chris Fraser
Treasurer and Sales
Chris is the MFSC treasurer and on the Board of Directors. Chris has experience in transaction management, marketing, customer service and followup.
Kevin Grau
Manager of Operations
Ryan McNeil
Aquaculture Field Manager
Rod McNeil
Lead Scientist
Darcy Rasmussen
Administrative Assistant
Libby Rutledge
Scientific Research


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